Saturday, December 8, 2012

St. Augustine Wedding, September 2012

In September, my oldest friend C married B in St. Augustine, Florida.  This is the same couple we celebrated with in Las Vegas in July.  I could not be more happy for her; B is truly her perfect match!  The DH and parted ways and I flew solo for this blessed event as his cousin was getting married the same day in D.C. (along with several other people I know--popular wedding day this year!).

C asked me to be a bridesmaid, which was a huge honor and the first time I've ever been in a wedding (aside from my own!).  The other women C chose to be her attendants were SUCH a fun bunch and I can honestly say I'd love to hang out with all of them on a regular basis.  C is truly blessed! 

6 of the 7 bridesmaids with the bride!

Love that fanny pack! Haha

Hanging out in the carriage on the way to the reception

I have been to Florida many times in the past, but I'd never had the opportunity to visit St. Augustine until C's wedding.  It was beautiful!  Aside from all of the wedding festivities and of course the actual event itself, one of my favorite memories from my trip was getting up early the day before the wedding and going on a run along the paths surrounding Castillo De San Marcos (the oldest fort in the U.S.) and across the intracoastal waterway as the sun was beginning to rise!  A photographer was doing an early morning fashion shoot as I ran by... pretty surreal.

View of the fort

B's heritage is Irish and the wedding attire, colors and theme reflected Ireland.  The groom, his guys and both fathers wore kilts and other traditional Irish garb.  It was the first wedding I've ever been to with this attire and it was awesome!  The pictures turned out so well and it was a fun nod to B's family. 

Handsome groom!

In keeping with the Irish theme, C let us pick our favorite short, satin dress in a holly green shade from David's Bridal.  I was admittedly skeptical about their dresses, but the color C chose was GORGEOUS, honestly looked great on everyone, and all the ladies were comfortable because we got to choose the dress style we liked the best.  Unfortunately, David's Bridal has since discontinued this color--note to their corporate office--bring it back!  I am certain I will wear my dress again since I really do love the color and it's really just a simple, fitted cocktail dress.  C also got her dress from David's Bridal, and she looked beautiful and classic.  

The bridesmaids' gold shoes (mine are on the far right) and C's awesome green platforms

Beautiful bride!

I could wax poetical about this wedding for a long time because it really was a special series of events and I have been friends with C since 6th grade.  However, I will end in saying good friends, loving family and unique, historic location made for a great weekend! 

Just married!

Cutting the cake during their beautiful reception at The White Room

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