Friday, June 27, 2014

The end of my pregnancy... one last catch up!

My sweet daughter is now here and I owe it to her and myself to recap the very end of my pregnancy.  Looking back, I cannot believe I looked/was that pregnant!  I sure felt it at the time!!!

My parents came to visit when I was almost 36 weeks and we finally put together her nursery:

Two weeks later, we celebrated my husband's new job and my 29th birthday one day early by taking off on a Friday and enjoying the Franklin Institute then Buddakan for my birthday.  We hadn't been to Buddakan since the night we got engaged and this time we were celebrating the almost-birth of our daughter, so it was pretty cool to see our lives come full circle.  My husband also surprised me with a beautiful ring for my birthday/push present!  He is truly one of the most generous and sweet men out there:

Throwing in a pic from my work baby shower at 35 weeks:

On my 29th birthday, we had the very special occasion to celebrate one of my best friends' at work's wedding!  She and her husband are a perfect match and we were genuinely psyched to celebrate with them.  She is truly a sweetheart and I am so thrilled for her.  Who else would give you champagne for your birthday at HER wedding?!  

Their wedding was our last event further-ish away from home until delivery... that is a story for another entry!!


  1. Love this catch up & the pics of your family helping you set up for your sweet baby girl! Can't wait to come see you guys again!!

  2. Love that royal blue dress and orange jewel, sissy!

  3. So fun that your family help you set up the nursery! And that you were able to get a few last date nights in!