Sunday, November 18, 2012

My very first post!  I have been interested in creating a blog for some time, as I am an avid blog reader and you will often hear my DH teasing me, saying "bowgs bowgs bowgs," his silly pronunciation of "blogs" meant to poke fun at my obsession.

I am not entirely sure of the "theme" of this blog, but suffice to say I'll be posting about happenings in our household, and things that pique my interest when time suffices. 

Another reason I am interested in posting is to better document our household happenings and travels.  So to start, I thought I'd do a brief run down/pictorial of the last crazy couple of years.

Possibly the very first picture of Andrew and I at the Bull Run Inn (below my apartment at the time!) for a Christmas party with my co-workers at the time (taken in 2008, incidentally despite the tag)
Our one year anniversary, October 2009 at Buddakan.

Christmas 2009 with my now-husband's family in Michigan
First time at Lake Michigan!
Christmas 2009, Lake Michigan

After the holidays in my apartment in Manayunk... haha

Good bye 3rd floor walk up!

Saying goodbye to my Manayunk apartment, April 2010

In the elevator in our KOP apartment after having made an offer on the house we ended up buying!  May 2010

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