Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Dump: The start of our July 2012 Travels--Maine!

DH and I had a very busy July:  our annual trip to Maine for the 4th to visit my in-laws, our friends' wedding in central PA, chaperoning 17 teenagers from our church on a mission trip for the ELCA in New Orleans, and finally, a bachelor/bachlorette party for my oldest friend and her now-husband in Las Vegas!  (Yes, we did work as well... somebody had to pay for all that traveling!)

First up:  photo dump from our trip to Maine.  My in-laws live in right outside of Portland and we love visiting them every summer (it's warmer--hah--and Maine is GORGEOUS).  My husband went to the end of middle school and all of high school in Maine and I love going to some of his favorite old places and visiting with his friends who still live in the area.

We had a great time at Scarborough State Park (it was actually 80 degrees that day) and FINALLY got to go to Fore Street, which was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and one of the best restaurant experiences I've had recently.  The whole meal was sublime, but I particularly enjoyed my first course, which sampled several different kinds of local seafood (everything at Fore Street is sourced locally and the menu constantly changes), including periwinkle, which I'd never had until this meal.  I hope we go back next summer!

A lot of these pictures feature Peaks Island.  One of my favorite things we have now made an annual tradition is to take the ferry from Portland across Casco Bay and trek the several miles on foot around the perimeter of Peaks.  Although there are cars on Peaks, many of them are "island use only," which always cracks me up.  Otherwise, you have to take your car on the ferry.  Children who live on Peaks year-round have to take the ferry to school (I cannot IMAGINE how cold that wind must be in the winter, even if you stay on the lower, inside deck of the boat!). 

One of my favorite, quirky features of Peaks is the Umbrella Cover Museum.  This year, our trip was simultaneous with the museum making the Guiness Book of World Records.  We met the owner, Nancy, and she was even on TV that evening and we saw her interview.  Very cool!  :-)  Highly recommended for a quick pop in if only to say you've been--she literally does have more umbrella covers than I've ever seen anywhere else!  As Nancy pointed out to us, she "celebrates the mundane."

Enough pontificating, here's the photographic record:

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